Price is always going to be relative- what is costly for some is a drop in the bucket to someone else. The bottom line is whether the value of something can offset its cost. One way to look at it is the software's price vs. the savings of your time. Another thing to consider is its cost per use- the more times it is used, the less it costs you over time. But let's look at the facts. Every project is different- a feature film is obviously going to cost more than a short. A television series that runs three seasons or more will obviously cost more than a film. Let's do the math. The average cost of a large 3 D-ring binder is $9.99 a box of 200 8 1/2 x 11protective plastic sleeves costs $16.99; a pad of 36 continuity stickers is $12.50; a ream of paper, $36.99 100 sheets of 4x6 glossy photo paper and 1 cartridge of tricolour photo printer ink value pack: about $34.99. Conservatively estimating a 500 page continuity book for a feature film project, the cost breakdown would be as follows:


Binder :  $9.99
500 Plastic Sleeves : (2.5 x 16.99) $42.48
Continuity Stickers : (13.88 x 12.50) $173.50
Ream of Paper :  $36.99
Photo Paper & Ink : (5 x 34.99) $174.95
* Total :  $437.91
** SavingFace Price : $349.00
Savings : $88.91


This is a per project cost, that means every feature film you do, will cost somewhere in that range. This doesn't take into account the time and resources necessary to do the shopping for the supplies; the space to store them; print, dry and collate the photos and pages into the book. The cost per project far exceeds the one-time cost of purchasing SavingFace Software!  

*Average costs in US dollars- individual costs will vary based on project, location and method/supplies used.

**Union members and students are eligible for the discounted price of $275.00. This would increase your savings to $162.91 the FIRST time you use the software